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The Valley of the Yard Sales

family looks over the fence at garage sale

Seems everyone these days has something to sell. After all, this is the Valley.

Whether it’s a screenplay or a headshot, everyone’s got something under their arm.  Selling the future. That’s what all that is. But what about selling the past? Things from your past. Things from someone else’s past? Things they no longer value and you may just find inspiration in. Yard sales have been around since General George Armstrong Custer had a little tiff with the local indigenous people, then realized he should get outta the hero business.   With real estate prices through the proverbial roof as well as trending “clear out your life” rituals, yard sales are really the smart man’s high end auction house. Only without the bidding.

From Balboa Boulevard to Vineland, it’s no big feat to see random paper notices on telephone polls touting “the biggest yard sale like ever!”, and frankly, like the screenplay that will blow Hollywood away, those tend to be disappointingly small, sparse, and no matter what time you get there, you are always greeted with “Sorry, you shoulda been here earlier…”   The best yard sales are the quiet ones. The ones that hardly advertise, but therein lies the rub. How do you find them?


Driving from Beverly Glen Boulevard to San Fernando Road, we counted no less than 10 yard sales one Sunday morning. Everything from an official Navy accordion to creepy turn of the century porcelain dolls.  All you’d need to create your own Twilight Zone episode.


If you and your partner are freshly moved into your little love shack up on Winnetka and need some temporary furniture, the best thing is to get up early on Sunday and a hunting we will go. “Yard Sale Treasure Map” available for download on Google Play is one way to modernize and streamline the process, but this blog cannot vouch for its efficacy. The key is to fill the tank up with gas and have plenty of cash on hand. I’ve found what works for me are more ones, then tens and twenties and never bring anything bigger than that.

I once purchased a genuine replica 18th Century Musket I found just off Victory Boulevard for just $17.76, which I found rather ironic.

For your money, you can find perfectly good pieces of used furniture, Persian rugs, cool promotional mugs and the odd gas mask. Most of the items are not price labeled, so you need to ask how much and once you hear they want 50 for that nifty antique love chair, come back right away with: “I love it!” Then look longingly at your partner. “We’ve been together one year today!” Turn to the yard sale person, look them right in the eye and with all deliberate seriousness, say: “Will you take 35?” Don’t even make it a question. They’ll probably say 40 and then you’re on your way.

Okay, so maybe no bidding, but I never said anything about haggling!

For 818 Cash for Cars, this is your car style advice guy,

Steven Alan Green

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