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Why I Love the Valley

Hollywood Freeway

The other side of the hill

I grew up in Beverly Hills. The “poor” section between Wilshire and Olympic.  We were so poor I only had a $10,000 limit on my credit cards.  You know how embarrassing that was for me in first grade?  To us, the Valley didn’t exist.   The Valley was foreign land.  The only time we ever went to the Valley was to attend an event at Sportsman’s Lodge.   I found out later on the San Fernando Valley has many awesome attributes and is also home of some of the most creative people in L.A.

The literally cooler side of the hill.

New hip hamlets such as West Hollywood morphed from being a seedy secret hang for the then disenfranchised Gay community to one of the most sought after real estate booms in the country.  Neighborhoods change and gentrify.  Towns evolve into cities.  Los Angeles is fun, but it’s hectic!

Just two months ago I was mulling over a couple of invites to move to the desert.  LA had gotten to me and I felt like I needed to explore other terrain.  Maybe Joshua Tree was where my future beckoned.  A chance to redefine my spirit and to literally get back to the best teacher of all: Nature.  I was all set to move, when an opportunity came up to live and to work in Studio City. So I took it.

Not ten minutes from Hollywood

Studio City gives me the desert-like sun as well as the much quieter pace than busy cut-throat traffic and parking of Los Feliz or Westwood.  The entire south Valley as a matter of fact is much more built for the car.  The streets are much wider.  There are much less strict parking ordinances and land is cheaper.  And because land is cheaper, there are a zillion great little family run restaurants all over the place.  Ethnic foods from Armenia to Timbuktu. You should try some, I’ll write about great Valley food experiences soon.

Not over the hill

Now when I go over the hill, I go with purpose.  Whether it’s to meet a fellow writer, record in the studio or to perform stand up comedy, I go with glee.  With definition and a good take on the traffic I’m gonna have to cut through to zip back to my cozy little apartment in my new hometown: The Valley.

I just love it here.  I feel younger.  Definitely happier.

And that worries me.

Steven Alan Green, SAG in SFV!


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